Cloning Checks

You can clone individual checks from the "Check Details" page:

The "Create a Copy" button

The "Create a Copy..." function creates a new check in the same project, and copies over the following:

  • Name, tags, description
  • Schedule
  • Assigned notification methods

The newly created check has a different ping URL and it starts with an empty log.

Cloning All Checks Into a New Project

It is sometimes useful to clone an entire project. For example, when recreating an existing deployment in a new region. The Status web interface does not have a function to clone an entire project, but this can be done relatively easily using the Management API calls. Below is an example using Python and the requests library:

import requests

API_URL = ""

r = requests.get(API_URL, headers={"X-Api-Key": SOURCE_PROJECT_READONLY_KEY})
for check in r.json()["checks"]:
    print("Cloning %s" % check["name"]), json=check, headers={"X-Api-Key": TARGET_PROJECT_KEY})